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Product Placement PR - the term 'lifestyle' covers a wide variety of consumer products including fashion and home accessories through to gifts, craft and hobby kits and more.  


Talented were on a mission to transform the humble tote bag into an art form.  Their bags feature artwork from a number of artists with a wide range of themes meaning we could work on product placement in a wide variety of publications from local area magazines with bags featuring a bespoke map of their city to food magazines featuring the Viva Vegetable series of bags.


"We have been delighted with the press work that Roy and yourself have been able to achieve"

 Julia Gash MIoD FRSA - Company Director, Talented


Swedish ceramics company Sthål where looking for a PR agency to  increase awareness of their brand in the UK through product placement. Susanna Theander and Helena Åkesson-Liedberg the two Swedish owners and creative directors were recommended to contact us. 


"You have been committed and helpful and have really shown interest in our brand"

"We think that you have done an extraordinary job"

Susanna Theander - Owner & Creative Director 


PR campaigns - we have worked with a variety of lifestyle product companies including Stitch & Story whose mission is to make knitting simple and give new knitters a stress-free experience in learning the craft.  They approached us to help them give their new business a kick start leading up to the busy festive season to capture this selling time for gifts and we ran a successful four month campaign leading up to Christmas with them saying.....


“Did I mention we're flooded with online orders?!? (yay)"

"Thank you for the ton of press this month, it's been a really good winter so far!"

"Elle Mag called us yesterday to call in a product (Maggie rug) for a shoot in their March issue!!”


A selection of our lifestyle clients - present and past

Lampshade with floral design from Driftwood Designs


 An innovative range of modern, antique and steampunk clocks which feature Nixie tubes – a glowing electronic device used for displaying numerals.


Alongside a collection of sleek modern production pieces, Bad Dog Designs transform a range of items including Geiger Counters and electrical test equipment as well as customising traditional mantle clocks to create truly unique timepieces for the home.


Lampshade with floral design from Driftwood Designs



Capturing the vitality of living forms, Susie creates figurative sculptures for both interior and exterior spaces based on human and animal forms.


Working in clay or wax, which can then be cast in bronze or bronze resin, the bespoke pieces are created in close conjunction with clients to produce a piece of unique sculpture for the home or garden.



Lampshade with floral design from Driftwood Designs



The Houses of Parliament Shop stocks a wide range of homeware, gifts, stationery, books, clothing, food & drink and jewellery many of which are sourced from independent UK manufacturers and suppliers and includes limited edition Encaustic Tiles recently removed from the Palace of Westminster and kept for the Encaustic Tile Conservation Project.

A Print on Demand service is also available where a selection of artworks and photography from the Parliamentary Art Collection and Archives are available to buy as custom prints.


Lampshade with floral design from Driftwood Designs



Based in Aberystwyth on the Welsh coast, Driftwood Designs produce a range of products designed by local  artist and illustrator Lizzie Spikes.

The extensive collection of cards, prints, posters, homewares and original artworks are lovingly produced in Wales and can be found in the online shop, at their ‘bricks and mortar’ shops in Aberystwyth and Cardiff, and through selected stockists nationwide.


Illustrated recipe homewares from Kate Guy



 Artist and designer Kate Guy has combined her love of printmaking with a love of food and cooking to create a range of signature homewares featuring the strong graphic qualities of lino-cut and screen printing.


Drawing on influences from her home in North West London and the Languedoc region of South West France which she visits regularly, Kate’s key inspiration is from food and the kitchen.


Whisky Tasting set from Gourmet Games



Gourmet Games have created a range of tasting games focusing on wines & fizz, gin, whisky and chocolate which include everything you need to host an informative, fun evening including bespoke invitations, place cards, menus, host’s and guessing gourmets’ booklets and answer cards – and the all-important products for sampling.

As well as ready-to-go options, the games can also be tailor-made to suit parties and occasions of any size to create a truly bespoke tasting experience.





Black leather belt from Village Leathers



Established in 1974, Village Leathers meticulously hand make leather belts and accessories

to the highest standards in their workshop in north-west London. As well as a comprehensive collection of

belts, the range includes timeless classic satchels, meticulously minimal card

wallets and the Chroma collection of vibrantly coloured fashion accessories.


Giftware from Radical Tea Towel



Founded by the Pearce family in South Wales, the idea came about when co-founder Beatrice was looking for a suitable politically-themed birthday present for her late mother's partner. Unable to find what she wanted,

and after discussions with husband Tim and son Luke, the family decided they'd strike out and create a bunch of radical tea towels, with the aim of encouraging left and liberal-minded people to proudly display their political and social beliefs.  The range features notable quotes and images from politicians, writers and activists from history and includes a feminist range inspired by the Suffragette movement.  As well as tea towels, the collection includes aprons, oven gloves, wash bags, mugs coasters and stationery.


Gift PR Just A Card campaign logo



The JUST A CARD campaign aims to encourage people to buy from Designer/Makers and Independent Galleries and Shops by reinforcing the message that all purchases, however small, even 'just a card' are so vital to the prosperity and survival of small businesses.

The campaign came about when Artist & Designer Sarah Hamilton saw the quote "If everyone who'd complimented our beautiful gallery had bought 'just a card' we'd still be open" by store keepers who'd recently closed their gallery. This prompted a call to action! Designer/Makers and independent shops and galleries need a voice.


Home fragrance PR. Aromatherapy candle from Aequill



AEQUILL is born from the Latin word equal is based on the idea that old and new worlds need to collide to strike a sustainable balance.  The first range ‘Mum’s Aromatherapy Shop’ is inspired by founder Jintana's time helping her mum blend essential oils for her beauty therapy shop.  Presented in elegantly simple 100% recycled glass containers the candles are handmade and hand poured.  Jintana’s first job in a chemist’s shop inspired the packaging which she created to have an old apothecary feel. Each box is hand-stamped with a contemporary wax seal.


Puffin Tea Towel from Helen Russell Creations



Artist and designer Helen Russell has created a wonderful world of charming characters that will make you smile every day.  Blob Birds, Little Bean Critters and Puffin Cove Colony are some of the cute creatures that have found their way onto the range of ceramic tableware, kitchen textiles, illustrations and sculptures. 

A love of illustration, nature and storytelling is central to Helen’s work and as well as the natural world she has a fascination with the way people ‘collect’ items to remember events, holidays and loved ones. Helen enjoys using animals to create scenes that echo human nature and hopes that her work supports memories old and new.


Solar Gate Systems logo



Harnessing the power of the sun – Solar Gate Systems’ award-winning, market-leading automatic solar powered gate products are manufactured specifically for use in the UK.

In many rural situations, keeping a gate closed is not practically possible; either due to a lack of an electricity supply or the sheer daily complications of manually opening and closing a busy entrance or exit gate with the comings and goings of a busy farm, estate, yard or even private house.  The solar-powered system from Solar Gate Systems is suitable for remote installation where mains electricity isn’t available or would be too costly to install or to save on having to lay cables under existing driveways. 


Ceramic tableware from Sthal



The name Sthål originates from the initials of Susanna Theander and Helena Åkesson-Liedberg.  As designers and

stylists with a passion for food and good company, they were always searching for dishes and bowls with colours, shapes and patterns that stood out from the ordinary -  tableware that would do the food visual justice and create the right atmosphere.  As working with ceramics was a hobby for both of them, they decided to create exactly what we were looking for.  The result is bohemian everyday ceramics that brighten up any day of the week.  Their first collection, Arabesque, cleverly combines both Swedish and exotic influences. Finding inspiration in oriental pattern and ornament the range of bowls, plates and platters is available in a selection of Scandi-influenced hues and has been designed to mix and match with old and new favourites.


A selection of interior accessories from Curated Living



Curated Living are dedicated to sourcing a wide range of unique, one-of-a-kind home décor products, vintage furniture, gifts, and home accessories for interior design along with an indulgent selection of luxury body care products.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant colours and delightful textures from their travels far and wide they bring a carefully collated collection of new, exciting and beautiful items that entice and excite. 


Gift & craft PR. Tote bag by Talented

Julia Gash -TALENTED


Julia Gash and Talented are on a mission to transform the humble tote bag into an art form! Featuring the best of British design, each season Talented commission designers to create new artworks to adorn their tote bags using upcycled or sustainable fabrics.The Talented range is designed in the UK and printed in Sheffield on fair-trade certified cotton bags and purses. The ranges sell in giftware shops, fashion boutiques, museums and gallery shops, as well as online.




Gift & lifestyle PR. DIY Knit Kit from Stitch & Story



The ultimate go-to site for learning to knit and for all things woolly.  With knitting often being dubbed as a granny hobby and impossible to learn, Stitch & Story have made extra effort to break away from these stereotypes by offering all-in-one, DIY kits with knitting patterns to reflect current fashion trends and lifestyle products. 


Homewares PR. Peep mugs by Herdy



Made to make you smile! - the Herdy Companyʼs addictively popular gift and homeware range includes vibrantly coloured fine bone china mugs, terracotta kitchenware, 100% wool throws and Herdwick wool rugs.  Everything Herdy does starts with good design and they design everything themselves from their base in the Lake District.  Herdy aims to be socially responsible and create beautiful gifts and homeware of the highest quality.


Beach Huts home accessories by Jin Designs



Designed by graphic designer Jinny Ursell, products include fine bone china mugs, tea towels, cushions, bags and greeting cards.  Jin Designs has a unique, minimalist style which may occasionally make you smile – current collections include Beach huts, Cats, Couples and the newly launched Vintage Sayings incorporating a series of well known tongue-in-cheek phrases including "No Spring Chicken" and "Over the Hill" perfectly blending vintage and modern with a dash of humour.  All the creations come from Jinny’s studio in Hove Actually and all products are manufactured in the UK.                               


Preservation Plates by Volpe and Volpe



Volpe & Volpe’s "Last" series of Preservation Plates celebrates Britain’s natural and creative heritage.  A creative collaboration between Volpe and Volpe Founder Trish Scorgie and renowned ceramic artist Robert Dawson, the Last series re-imagines traditional British china designs adding a curious and contemporary twist to create modern day collectibles with a strong social message.


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