Colleague's and clients


"I'd just like to say thank you as the nature of freelance means you rely so much on the speed and accuracy of PR help.  Roy is always very helpful and friendly on the phone and kept me up to speed with releases."


Vicki Hume

Freelance journalist 



Roy, thank you especially for your professionalism in everything that you are doing!


Best wishes!


Gary Watters – Editor In Touch Rugby 



"I've worked with Howling Moon for the last 6 months and seen exposure and promotion of my brand increase month on month. My brand has appeared in several publications, both the glossies and on online. I've found Roy and Ron very approachable, responsive and great sounding boards full of excellent advice. I'm very happy to continue working with Howling Moon into 2022."


Sarah Bustin

Owner, Sarah Jane Hemsle




GoBo by Lamonts & Co


"Thanks so much for this, there are some really great reviews!  You have done such a fab job"


Laura Lamont

Managing Director


Helen Russell Creations Penguin plate


Live In The Light - quick recommendation from a busy client!


" Yes of course we would be happy to recommend…Roy is always so happy to work with whatever we suggest and has got us some great coverage not to mention you are both very patient when we are late with responses… it’s so busy which of course, is fantastic!! "


Louise Hay

Live In The Light


Helen Russell Creations Penguin plate


Kate Guy Prints


"On the PR side I was very pleased with the exposure Roy managed to get for me in magazines and blogs"


"My online sales have gone up considerably over the last year and I am sure that is due to Roy’s promotional work"


Kate Guy

Owner, Kate Guy Prints



Helen Russell Creations Penguin plate


Village Leathers


"I have really enjoyed working with Howling Moon.  I haven’t had much experience of working with a PR company previously but I think HM works very well - in a timely manner as well as understanding the needs of a small business such as ours."



Verity Nichols

Village Leathers



Helen Russell Creations Penguin plate




"we think that you have done an extraordinary job"





Susanna Theander

Owner & Creative Director


Helen Russell Creations Penguin plate


Working with Bilou on their UK social media campaign 


"Thank you for your support in this!  We wouldn’t have so much to show for, if it weren’t for you and your team."


 and ...............


 "I felt that you were a great and reliable partner, spontaneous and supportive when it had to go fast. That was exactly what we needed as a small brand."


Bilou brand

Nicole Buche

Global Brand Manager,  PHILOSOPHY BRANDS GmbH 


Helen Russell Creations Penguin plate


"Thanks for all the help.  I have to say I can see the effects of your work - that now there is less "noise" around the brand on Twitter... so thanks for all the hard work.  I might be in touch in the coming future :)


Lovely working with you and thanks for all the support!"


Dafna Shaham

Owner, Dafna’s Personal Skincare 


Helen Russell Creations Penguin plate



"We are very proud to work with the fabulous Howling Moon PR who do a fantastic job of handling our media enquiries"




Helen Russell


Aequill aromatherapy candles



"My feedback for Howling Moon is that you guys aren't just a PR agency.  This is an agency that wants to work with small businesses as partners to help them grow and flourish. Howling Moon are supporters of small businesses - definitely not the usual run of the mill agency where it's based on time versus money."



Jintana Khieochaum

Owner,  AEQUILL 


Lakeland Paints


"We have been very happy with your services & would not hesitate to recommend Howling Moon."




Ian West

Director, Lakeland Paints Ltd 

Inner Soul Organics


“Roy provided a high Level of care and precision when dealing with Inner-Soul’s campaign. He was creative with ideas and got coverage for us through several mediums, plus I trust Roy implicitly.”




Emma Coleman - Aesthetic and Dermatology RGN
Director, Inner-Soul Group Ltd
Interiors PR - Janie Knitted Textiles lampshades



"Thank you for the great PR work you have carried out for us, since August 2015!  I shall definitely recommend you to prospective clients."




Jane Withers 

Director, Janie Knitted Textiles Ltd

Helen Russell Creations Penguin plate



 "We have been delighted with the press work that Roy and yourself have been able to achieve"




Julia Gash MIoD FRSA

Company Director, Julia Gash - TALENTED



“When in need of a PR consultant, we invariably approach Howling Moon for a solution that works for our small business. Roy’s approachable manner means he’s particularly easy to work with and his knowledge and experience of the Fashion & Interiors industry place him in a great position to deliver the best possible results for our campaigns"





Gregor Morrison

Marketing Director, Wendy Morrison 

Storm Furniture - Interiors PR


"I have been more than happy with all the work you have put in and look forward to working with you again soon."


Terry Croucher

Founder, Storm Furniture


Arlene UK - Beauty products


"It was a pleasure to work with you and I have only positive feedback - I have press coverage and that is exactly what I asked for."

Fabrizio Di Gianvincenzo

Arlene UK Ltd



"As a brand new brand, getting help with PR was quite daunting, but Roy Mouncey has been brilliant to work with and has absolutely done all that we agreed to. His manner is both professional and friendly, and I get the sense that he has a real interest in the brands that he represents. I highly recommend him if you want to get your products noticed but don't know how or don't have the time to do it – he makes it really easy."



Jayne Rutland

Founder, Hairy Jayne Handmade Hair Care 


Volpe Volpe



"Good service - did exactly what I asked for at the agreed price. Easy to deal with."



Trish Scorgie

Founder, Volpe and Volpe 





"We'd be happy to consider working with you again in the future."



Diane Hannah

Director, The Herdy Company



Jin designs


"I'm happy with the service I received.  I'm pleased with the press articles and exposure the products got.  I'm hoping to come back to you at some point and continue where we left off."



Jinny Ursell

Founder, Jin Designs



"We have found Roy to be a thoroughly conscientious and innovative contributor to our brand development.  He has understood our needs and requirements, and pinpointed the relevant consumer and press marketplace most suitable for our company.  He has gained considerable exposure for our brand, our policies and our products, and shown with his focused approach, and idiosyncratic style that he obviously has a good understanding and working relationship with the press/publicity machine.


Roy has contributed to our styling and presence at various international trade events, showing a flair and creativity with the display pieces he has created for us."


Kate Owen

Director, Opal London  

"I have had the pleasure of working with Roy on two occasions spanning several years.

I have always found him to be honest, helpful and diligent in the way that he represented both the Company and the brands I have worked for during that time.


His attitude is friendly without being over-familiar - if he says he will do something it is carried out efficiently and without fuss.  I have found him sensitive to the needs of his clients both in understanding the project brief and in assisting wherever possible to ensure that a project runs smoothly and well."


Helen Marks

Senior Brand Manager, Elegant Touch & Perfect 10

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