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Often a fresh pair of eyes taking a look at your branding, photography, website etc. can help identify some issues that you may not be aware of or you might like someone from outside your business to give input on an issue you are unsure how to address.  At Howling Moon PR we try and help our clients in whatever way possible,  so it’s always worth asking if we can assist (and if we can't me may know someone who can!).

We can also contribute creatively to the development of your brand and products to make sure that your public image reflects your key messages and brand identity.....

  • Photographic styling - product, packaging and lifestyle
  • Event styling - press, consumer and industry events
  • Set and stand design, dressing and implementation for trade and consumer shows and events
  • Copywriting and proof-reading
  • Marketing materials - printed and online/digital
  • Point of sale materials and displays
  • Creative brand development


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As a product placement PR agency we rely on clients having good images to promote their products. Whether it's a lifestyle product or a beauty product, a great image sells.

Your products may be great, but does your photography reflect their quality? 

As many as 67% of consumers consider image quality to be ‘very important’ and when it comes to product placement PR, journalists are looking for eye-catching and engaging images to grab the attention of their readers.

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Product photography uses specific techniques to showcase products in an attractive way and the right picture can set you apart from your competitors and deliver you those all-important sales leads.   It’s an essential part of both online and offline materials for catalogues, brochures, press releases and company websites.


As a client we need quick access to your images so we will request access to your image library or you can send us the images you would like us to use.

Good images are essential - you will need to supply us with high resolution images in the following specifications:


• jpeg format
• 1000×1000 pixels
• 300dpi
• More than 100kb
• Less than 8MB
• A mixture of cut out and lifestyle


Why is professional photography an asset to you and your brand?


We asked still life product photographer Richard Jackson of Forever Creative Photography & Design for his professional view:

"Look at things from your customer’s point of view, they can’t physically see your product in front of them, they can’t feel it, turn it or touch it. The photograph is one of the most important selling aids you have at your disposal.


The primary goal of the image is to accurately describe the product and convey the tangible elements of it.  This forms the initial part of the story, which is created in the mind’s eye of the consumer.  It’s about communicating the feel of the product, does it have a smooth or course texture, is it glossy or matte?  This also applies to products created by surface pattern designers and greetings card designers. Yes, it may be a greeting card, the product really is much more about the artwork, not the card, but the customer still needs to be able to see any special finishes and the texture of the card.


The secondary goal is to place the product within a context, to help the consumer visualise your product or design in its natural environment. This image can be used to promote a lifestyle promise to the consumer."


Helen Russell Creations Penguin parade mug



Richard has worked with our client Helen Russell Creations and Helen comments:

“Richard offers a specialist service for product photography which is hard to find at an affordable rate.  He approaches the task professionally and obviously has a good understanding of creative industries. I am thrilled with the images I’ve had back so far and am looking forward to exploring more options in the future.”






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Richard Jackson - Forever Creative Photography & Design


For more advice on professional photography and lots more tips on how to improve your own photography please visit…

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