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Beauty products? Frivolous Fun or Serious Science?


Two beauty brands we have the pleasure of working with have very different objectives when it comes to the consumers they are targeting but ultimately both need to deliver products that work.  Bilou is a young, quirky bodycare brand originating in Germany whilst Dafna's Personal Skincare from Spain combines traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern bio technology.

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Care for your feet

Health & beauty tips for happy feet!  Summer brings our hard-working feet out from under cover – but are they in good shape and looking their best?  Holistic skincare specialist Emma Colman and the College of Podiatry offer some helpful tips to treat your feet to some much needed TLC to keep them in top working order.


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Beauty in a box


If you're looking to try a variety of beauty products, make your own toiletries or want to try a beauty treatment without visiting a spa then your wish could come true in a box!

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Beauty by Laser

identify poor skin

Lasers - gone are the days of the surgeon’s knife or waxing that unwanted hair. 


Whether you’re looking to remove unwanted hair, reduce wrinkles, zap sun damage or simply tone skin, you can now treat a range of skin problems and conditions the hi-tech way using laser beauty treatments.

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Natural or synthetic?

painting of a tree

Is natural and organic best when it comes to bodycare?

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